(1) Small size radial lead type.
(2) Small mounting space required.
(3) Excellent characteristics for high Q.
(4) Minimized distributed capacitance hence high SRF.
(5) Covered with PET sleeve of UL tube.
(6) Available taped for auto insertion.
(1) TVs and audio equipment.
(2) Telecommunication devices.
(3) Buzzers and alarm systems.
(4) Switching power supplies.
(5) Systems requiring band and high Q.
(6) Other noise filters.
Unit in mm
SPC8 Coils P/N Lrande Rated Current Range A B C E
PK0455 1.0uH~150mH 1.5A~20mA 5.5max 8.0max 10min 0.5±0.1
PK0406 3.3uH~25mH 2.0A~20mA 5.5max 8.5max 10min 0.5±0.1
PK0608 3.3uH~150mH 3.5A~16mA 8.0max 12.5max 10min 0.6±0.1
PK0807 2.2uH~1.5mH 5.0A~180mA 10.0max 11.5max 10min 0.6±0.1
PK0810 3.3uH~100mH 5.0A~28mA 10.0max 13.5max 10min 0.6±0.1
PK1010 3.3uH~15mH 5.9A~120mA 12.0max 13.5max 10min 0.8±0.1
PK1012 10mH~100mA 170mA~45mA 12.0max 15.5max 10min 0.8±0.1
PK1018 4.7uH~100mH 6.0A~60mA 12.0max 21.5max 10min 0.8±0.1
PK1213 10uH~10mH 5.1A~240mA 14.0max 16.5max 10min 0.8±0.1

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